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ArtisanFilms- Anne Warner
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I am looking for a producer with talent, energy and motivation...this is a great porject which could lead to a sequel. I have three complete and more wokring on taht are all action/adventure, some present day, some not... in need of developement. I am hiring for a permanent partner to woirk with on these projects. Must have at least one feature film or major motion picture to your credit in any of these genres; ADV/Drama, Historical, Family.

I don't do horror, thriller or violent films. I work on family films, mostly. Prefer someone local, Utah based but these films and future projects can be filmed anywhere. Have had geat interest in these and am acquiring funds.

if you'd like to speak with me about the possibility of this position, please conatct me directly at: [email protected]

Thank you....


Anne Warner

Screenwriter, Future Producer

November 15, 2014 at 7:45 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Hello Anne,   My name is Bryan DeWeese and I have been a writer, director, in addition to cinematographer and special effects supervisor for many low budget movies and stage projects.   SInce I have moved to salt"y" lake city(as you call it) I have not been extremely active in film and have not formed a team of locals around myself as of yet but I still have many projects dying to get out.   Yes, many of them are sci-fi, some are fantasy and a few are horror.  I do recognize that you don't do horror... that's okay... 

since your post is a little dated  I am curious what you are currently up to since I have a project you might be interested in working on.  It combines the real world and an imaginary "steampunk" dream world.  The script is called "project Indigo" and is based on a short story called "pathalogical passions" written by I local writer that I work with.  I have adapted it for the screen with his permission and I am preparing to go into pre-production.  It IS a very family oriented film story and theme...

basically Project Indigo is a technological/steampunk love story about an intern at an internet company who is haunted by nightly dreams of being chased and killed by a beautiful secret agent in red.  In the "real world" he is a geek who has problems of his own, like keeping a job.  Then he meets his "secret agent" In the real world. 

Although it has some funny parts, the story is NOT written as a comedy. 

let me know if you are curious or interested in working on this type of project as I am in the beginning stages of putting together a team. please also let me know if you are NOT interested or are otherwise occupied with projects. 

Best regards,


April 20, 2016 at 10:58 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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